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Shinchan time!!!

Finally I was able to buy something to do with Shin-chan again. How, then, did I miss him.

Now I'm thinking about what to write words, congratulating him on the new year. Another month before the holiday, and I thought...

I miss you. Very, very much, my lovely beautiful lady.

This is my return!

I ask forgiveness for the long absence to those who communicated here. I hope, this doesn`t stop them from talking to me in the future.

Unfortunately, I don`t have much time to follow the work of Maachin, but most I know. I very much want a pamphlet with his stage 7-Nana. However, to ask Ooba-san is a very shy, because they don`t communicate with him for a very long time too.

It`s time to restore the connection, which, by definition, is more expensive.

UPD on Maachin: his video posted on YouTube of stage Club Seven The 9 Stage. I wonder, how JE has given permission to do so? Extras : photo Sano-senpai was shown in the promo for stage Souga Zero. What would all this mean?
I want to apologize to you for what appears here is quite rare. I work a lot and don`t think I can talk about it here. I will try to be in LJ more often than it is now. I hope you will not mind that.
I love you all. @-;-


On offsite JE is still no information about the new stage of Maachin. On it is written already two, and still no update. And a pleasant surprise for me to stage will play Ooba Tatsuya-san. I hope, I'm not wrong, reading the blog Joe-san.

It would be great, I'm sure, because two of my favorite actor except Machida certainly will play together. Remarkable positive people, professionals and amateurs talk about everything ahead of time XD It will be awesome, I'm really waiting for this)

And that Maachin talks to Joe-san is also very good. I often have the opportunity to give him words of love my congratulations on Maachin birthday Just don`t forget to give attention to Joe-san on January 29. After all, it is his feast. I hope for a reply greetings, as it was last year.

When can I start learning Japanese right? Probably neveeer... XDDDD

Problems Yone-san

I wanted to write this post from the moment, I saw the reaction of Yone-san to the article about him.This article describes the time of his dismissal from the JE. One reason was the cancellation of performances Endless Shock 2011, because of the earthquake in Tohoku. I don`t believe in it, but from the article, I realized that this is very much influenced by the salary Yone.

I have a few different opinions on this issue. I don`t like this time of the discussion of any of the care JE. Yone-san is a serious person and I think he just wanted to have a life that is different from life on the stage. Perhaps, he married? I would be glad. I hope that we all learn about it from him.

So, the reaction of Yone on this article: he is dissatisfied with what people wrote. I think that he is going through because he couldn`t start his own business now. Last year he had problems with the ability to make some of this, so all slowed. Now he asks for patience and support it.

I am upset. Of left-johnnys, it works more and more serious and the rest, however, rebuke him. Maybe because he's not on stage? Maybe so, but I don`t think his current path, he chose without thinking. Now he needs the support, and the posts, like the one just upset him.

Yone-chan, we hold it you. I. .. I will always be his fan. It will not depend on what he does. I just know that I could not otherwise.

New song from JJ Lin

This is a strange post ... Yesterday I heard the new single from one of my favorite chinese singers. Honestly, it's one of the voices that inspires me to write my fanfics. Huge range warmth and lyrics about love. Though, most now are the songs that love often doesn`t return. I'm sorry, I don`t have much time to learn the chinese language. I'm sorry, I do have too much free time.
After all, so many things I want to know, see... so many places that you want to visit. I hope that my affection to the house will not always be the same as now. I want to know more about the world. I want to hear a voice in this magical reality. I hope that one day it does happen.


Ok, i did pre-order the three magazines. I still havn`t reached past often, and I have for the next one. Tamano-san, as usual, all to blame you! Maachin not, in any case XD

(c) from Tamano-san blog

Also, I finally see the movie "The Hobbit" I'm not going to, but when I called my sister, I couldn`t refuse her^^

Jan. 3rd, 2013

I downloaded a few videos from the New Year's concert in Nanjine. I would like to download the full concert, but I can`t do it>< Leehom and JJ Lin great, that I can`t say about Jay Chou. Zhang Zue You remind me Matchy-senpai. Its all love and respect), but only in this, because he can sing unlike Matchy XD I watch videos with him many times, because he is one of those artists, that I listened and saw first.
But this isn`t important) Is a good day, calm, quiet and full of those pleasures of life, which in other days I don`t have time.
Periodic bouts of love covers. Machida-san, my lucky star. My star, giving happiness.