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On offsite JE is still no information about the new stage of Maachin. On it is written already two, and still no update. And a pleasant surprise for me to stage will play Ooba Tatsuya-san. I hope, I'm not wrong, reading the blog Joe-san.

It would be great, I'm sure, because two of my favorite actor except Machida certainly will play together. Remarkable positive people, professionals and amateurs talk about everything ahead of time XD It will be awesome, I'm really waiting for this)

And that Maachin talks to Joe-san is also very good. I often have the opportunity to give him words of love my congratulations on Maachin birthday Just don`t forget to give attention to Joe-san on January 29. After all, it is his feast. I hope for a reply greetings, as it was last year.

When can I start learning Japanese right? Probably neveeer... XDDDD