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in anticipation of the beautiful ^^

Musical 2012/11-12/ - interview with Tamano Kazunori, Machida Shingo, Yoshino Keigo & Aiba Hiroki/Club Seven bonus/
Sparkle vol.11 - interview with Nakagauchi Masataka & Aiba Hiroki
Best Stage 2012/12 - Souga stageplay-info

Aiba-san deeesu...

I specifically came up with a new tag for him to lay out the picture ^ ^


At this point I said goodbye to my head ^ ^


Joe-san hurt his foot while dancing. How am I upset ... I understand that there are all sorts, but it's so painful now. It's too hard to express this feeling in words. Joe-san, all will be well. Soul with you.

The week will have to write a review of his blog about the performances in Kyoto, I guess. I'm so tired, but the weekend gave me too little rest.


This flashmob I did on another site, but here are a few desires other than those. I don`t think for a long time and I will write what I want at this moment for your next year.
1. Happiness and good luck to those with whom I met here. My Madozoku, I love you.
2. I want peace for my soul, because this depends directly on the state of my health.
3. I want to be glowing with happiness eyes Maachin. I wish he had been all for it.
4. I want Yone was calm for their future life.
5. I also want him to marry. Honestly, I really want to. I want him to be happy.
6. I also want to find the time and opportunity to study Chinese. I want a man who would patiently taught me, despite my explosive.
7. I want to see Maachin on stage in the lead role.
8. I want to DT has finally released a new album. All will be well, dear, we all believe in you.
9. I want a lot of roles in the theater for Aibacchi. Yes-yes, he also suddenly appeared here)
10. And more ... and I want to Yone and Maachin kept in touch.


Dec. 23rd, 2012

I'm really upset because of my poor English language. I don`t have the time and opportunity to learn it better, so sometimes I write such nonsense that is sad >_< I apologize in advance for it to all who will read my posts.
But now I have the weekend together with Maachin and that's fine ^__^.Just finished watching the drama Delicious Gakuin. Looking, of course, because Aibacchi) He is charming, and the idea was to write about he and Maachin some time crept into my head) Pink ribbons, cats and kisses. Why did I want this? I don`t know)
I also think about whether or not to go out with my scans pamphlets of MA stage in the big world. Don`t know yet, I think.
Was declared castes stage "Watashi no Darlin"
Director, choreographer: Tamano Kazunori /Club Seven the 8 Stage/
Kuroki Hitomi /lead role/
Ishikawa Zen
Sakamoto Kenji
Furukawa Yuta
Murai Ryota
Okawa Genki
Machida Shingo
Harei Aine
Aihara Mika


And so are born pairing. Thank you, Pippa! ^ _ ^ My hands want to write a fick with Maachin / Aibacchi, but I know I don`t. >_< I'm not writing femslash!
Save me, Akiyama-kun! (c)


I feel like a fighter for the rights of ex-jonnys to personal normal life. Maybe I'm wrong, but I think that if they are happy, that's correct. Proved by the example of Yone-chan. For other ex-johnnys, with the exception of Yu-chan know very little. Maybe, it wasn`t looking the way you want, and maybe it's because they are well hidden. But the examples Yu-chan, Sorimachi-san and some others, it is also confirmed. Possible without JE be happy, some are only a hindrance.

No, I don`t want to Shin-chan left.
Although, even if that happens, I'll still know what it is and what happened to him. It will still be my ichiban <3 But he's with us, so I do not want to think about the bad. He will not leave, I'm sure. He will not leave his fans who love him very much.

Just sometimes want to kick hard and hurt my favorite fandom and say, "Enough already crying that Yone was gone. He's happy, I know." Because tired and annoying. I'm not happy about it, no, just tired already crying. Life goes on, it's all well and this is important. However, unfortunately, to make others understand it, probably, it is unreal. And like much, really. Because it's sad to see how the fans don`t like what their favorite ichiban, albeit gone. Is it important status? Yes, a hundred times it go away, I will still love him still. I can`t change myself and my feelings for him.